Shea – Harper

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  1. Karen and David Says:

    Hi Sara!

    Harper is doing well in our new home…downtown Muskegon! She captures everyone’s attention and they love her. We love her sooo much, she is such a kind sweet dog, she loves sleeping with us and has her own pillow, she does tend to move to the end of the bed or floor after about an hour. Harper is a great companion and my only problem is seeking a place for her to go if we go away..I won’t kennel her and I won’t leave her with just anybody, so if you have any suggestions please let me know. Have a great day and I look forward to seeing the new pups!

  2. Karen Bowne Says:

    Happy Goldendoodle Mothers Day! Harper weighs 60 pounds, has a great personality and she knows she is cute. She runs to the couch and sits up so pretty when she knows she has been naughty! One more thing, I just want to say everyday with our doodle is a great day!

  3. Karen Bowne Says:

    We are getting ready to move into a townhouse in downtown Muskegon and Harper has been working on her social skills. Harper is very social, but not always appropreiate! Because she is so cute she gets away with way to much, but thats our fault! If you are downtown this summer and see a black doodle out and about with her people please say hello!

  4. Karen and David Says:

    Harper just took off through the house with paper towel..David is right behind her….And he catches her! We get more exercise since we have had her, she is good for our physical health as well as our mental health.:) anyway I wanted to share that our groomer was impressed with how easy she was to groom, this is because Sarah does such a fine job preparing her puppies for life’s experiences! Thank you Sarah!

  5. Karen and David Says:

    Harper just had her first all over puppy cut, she is beauitful! I can’t beleive how smart she is and how fast she is to learn. Harper is past spoiled. She will not eat unless we are all near her and if one of us walks away she stops eating until we come back. She is a joy! We are lucky to have her. Thanks Sarah!

  6. Karen and David Says:

    Harper tears up anything material! The Kong toys are the best she likes them and they last. Can’t wait for snow to see how she likes that!

  7. Karen and David Says:

    Our Harper is sweet, sweet, sweet. I can not believe how personable she is, what a joy!

  8. Karen and David Says:

    David’s birthday was yesterday and we had friends over for dinner and Harper stole the show!! My daughter and her boyfriend love her so much they are thinking of getting one. I then said lets look to see if the new babies have arrived and they did!..CONGRATULATIONS! I am excited to watch the puppy cam and I am trying to post pics of Harper today.

  9. Peggy and Pete Says:

    Dear Karen and David,
    Pete and I were very interested to hear if your plan to help Harper get used to riding in the car would work. We have Liam/Vinnie and he does the same thing. He also looks just like Harper. :>) We got the same advice from our vet. We did use some Benedryl when we took a long car ride and it worked. However, sedatives are not something we’d use regularly. We are taking Vinnie on short rides almost every day—with praise and a few treats. We’re hoping with time he’ll adjusts.

    Vinnie was just neutered last week so he has to be quiet for two weeks–really pretty hard since he’s so playful. He weighed in at 48 lbs. Does that sound like Harper?

    We finally put the kiddie pool away since he has stitches to keep dry. Otherwise, he dunks his head in the water and runs in and out of it. Little by little we have introduced him to swimming in a lake and he loves it! Next summer should be really fun! He’ll be a seasoned water dog by then.

    We did a series of puppy classes at a local dog training center and probably we’ll do beginning obedience classes later in October. Vinnie needs the socialization and we’re working on good manners–like no jumping on people!

    Thanks for sharing stories about Harper. We think it’s fun to hear about the other puppies and we’ve loved keeping in touch with Sarah.

  10. Karen and David Says:

    Well, the sitting in the car thing is not working. Dr. Peterson gave us a light sedative to give her, but we are not sure we are going to do that. Any suggestions, anyone?

  11. Karen and David Says:

    The fun continues….our smart girl puts her own toys away! Harper does not like riding in the car which is a problem considering we want to take her with us 90% of the time. She gets quiet and drool’s terribly. We are currently sitting in the car with her everyday without starting it and next week we will sit in it with her and start it. Keep your fingers crossed this works! We will let you know

  12. Karen and David Says:

    Well, Saturday was not a good day, Harper is fine, but she got sick and had diahhrea all day, we called animal hosp in GR and they said if puppies dehydrate it can be fatal and happens fast. They said if she starts to vomit to get her in. Harper started to vomit about 10 minutes later and off we went. $426.00 later we found she was dehydrated and has a bacterial virius in her intestines. This could be caused by something she ate and she eats everything! Harper eats grass, rocks etc. We need to watch every move she makes. This was very scary and we wanted to share in case your puppy gets diahhrea to be sure to watch it closley. Right now she is back to normal! Yeah!

  13. Karen and David Says:

    Harper is doing very well, she is housebroke and is very attached to all of us. We do need to watch her closely as she puts everything from socks to rocks in her mouth! Harper loves to play ball in our very large backyard and she likes the frisbee too! She currently weighs 32 pounds. Harper is sweet she loves to cuddle and give hugs.

  14. Karen and David Says:

    Shea/Harper is so sweet. We have had her for 5 days and she fits right in with Tucker (our golden) She is doing beter with house breaking than we ever expected and she sleeps with us and sleeps all night. Today (July 8, 2009) she got to see her brother Hosta/Noah at the vet and they played for a bit and she has been invited to stop by to see him sometime. We are very happy to have her and will post pics as soon as we figure out how to!!

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