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  1. Sarah Says:

    Wow!! What a cool and exciting summer!! It was like having a new baby in the house.

    Zinnia is now officially in the hearts of all the Brinser clan. We could not have imagined how much fun a puppy would be, or how much work. Zinnia is full of energy and she has learned how to bark! She is as smart as a whip!!

    Case in point….she was developing a habit of putting her paws on the counter- tops to sniff out food. Our puppy trainer suggested a bait-and-scare approach since she wasn’t responding to any other constraining actions. By tying several empty pop cans to a string with bait, she would pull on the bait and be frightened by the falling cans. Well, Zinnia pulled down the cans ONE time and the noise scared her away. That’s all it took! She’d approach the bait on the string, lick it and proceed to bark at it. Never again did she pull down the cans AND she still put her paws on the counter to sniff out food. Quick study!!!! The good news is that we have now gotten her to stop putting her paws up on the counter.

    Jessica has really fallen in love with her puppy. At first we were a little concerned as Zinnia’s “wild” puppy behaviors intimidated Jessica. We had more than a few Alpha-dog discussions with her. But the real turning point was when we brought in a puppy trainer. That gave Jessica the confidence she needed as she became an integral part of the training. They are best buddies now and it’s such a joy to see her come home from school, give Zinnia a big hug and get doggie kisses back.

  2. LarryJoAnnJessica Says:

    Zinnia (Yes, we kept her name Zinnia!!) has changed our lives in just two short weeks! She is incredible and a hit where ever we go. The kids adore her and she responds with the right dose of love and affection. She’s as smart as a whip and is making great progress on all the right puppy behaviors. Sleeps through the night…check!, House broken….check (almost!), Rarely barks…oh my goodness…check!, Eats grass and twigs…check!, Can outrun everyone…check!

    Thanks, Sarah, for making Zinnia the most memorable birthday present!!

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