3 Responses to “Briar-Boswell”

  1. Sarah Says:

    just updated you on the brother duo. the boys are 14 weeks tomorrow.
    we are having so much fun with them and are very happy with their progress! they have
    learned many tricks and are getting better with potty training. bear is clearly the bigger one,
    but boswell is getting pretty big, too. almost to the point that it’s getting harder to carry him anywhere!
    these two get to have playtime everyday, and cry at the fence when they can’t be with one another.
    just lovin’ them to pieces!

  2. Sarah Says:

    Boswell is the perfect addition to our family. At this point, we can’t even really remember life without him. He is doing great with basic commands (sit, come…etc) but, still working on “No” and potty training! We’re getting there. I’ve also got him walking on the leash pretty well! He’s so fun loving and the kids just LOVE him. He still paws at the back door constantly to go next door to see Bear. They are so cute together. After a 30 minute playdate, they crash for the afternoon!

  3. Sarah Says:

    Just wanted to let you know the puppies are doing great! They were so good on the ride home and then have been so fun having. They love living next to eachother. Boswell runs away each time I take him out to potty and heads straight for Emily (Bear’s) house and sits and cries by their fence. So cute. This is their favorite spot. Emily’s patio, under a tree. They love it here. Potty training going well, but still accidents here and there. We love them dearly! You did such a fantastic job with them and it shows. We’ll keep you posted and post on your website here in the next few days. Just wanted to say THANKS so much for all you did for us!

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