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3 Responses to “Heath-Bear”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Just wanted to give you an update on Bear. He is doing great at 14 weeks old. I keep saying he is going to be my gentle giant. He is so good with the kids. I think potty training is officially over. He finally gets it!! He knows the commands for sit, down, come & drop it. He loves to be praised and to cuddle when he isn’t hot. He likes the tile in the kitchen. That is where he spends most of the time. He also likes to lay his head directly over the air conditioning vents. He plays with Bozwell everyday and has started to run in the hose when I make a game out of it…..nothing funnier than a wet goldendoodle.

    As you can see, he can only get his head through the fence. When we brought him home, he could get his entire body through the fence. What a difference several weeks makes. He is the best puppy I have ever owned.

  2. Sarah Says:

    Bear is doing great. He is such a gentle dog. I know I have said it before but he is GREAT. He loves to take naps in my closet and shoes are his favorite thing to steal. He plays with Bozwell several times a day still. He loves the outdoors. They love it and it wears them out. Still working on house breaking. He is definately a cuddle bug. He loves it. He also loves to sleep sprawled out as long as he can get.

    We have noticed that he has gotten taller in a week. He must outweight Bozwell by 5 pounds which is a lot on that tiny little body. And he is taller than Boz. They both know the sit and come commands. We are working on down next.

  3. Sarah Says:

    Wanted to let you know Bear is doing wonderful. We are so in love with him. He is so gentle with the kids. My husband and I were talking about when we brought our labs home as puppies and we hit the ground running. Bear’s temperament as a puppy is much different. I think being house raised has made a huge difference. We are still working on potty training as to be expected. As soon as we started treat training he seemed to be more interested…HA HA!. Our 10 year old lab has really allowed Bear to play with him and such. The first night they cuddled at bedtime.

    He and Boswell play together several times a day. They LOVE it. For some reason he loves laying in our rock beds….Both pups are doing great. Hope the others are finding homes. I have passed on your name to a woman here in South Bend.

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