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7 Responses to “Liam-Vinnie”

  1. Vinnie Says:

    Pete is working from home today. He helps write policies and procedures for the pilots which is really kind of boring. Anyway, Vinnie and I just got back from a 45 minute walk and he decided to keep Pete company. Honestly, we do have sommmmme rules, but he’s a buddy.

  2. Vinnie Says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and the kids and Phil !! We are having the Swedish side of the family for dinner. ( the Andersons ) Im expecting 32 people which includes my dad who just turned 90. We have a million things to be thankful for. Near the top of the list is Vinnie. :>)

    I’ve been busy washing little nose prints off the windows, baking pumpkin bread……( he says, ” did you say pumpkin?” “great!” ) and doing a little decorating. We told Vinnie all he has to do is look good. :>)

    We’re thinking of you and we hope all is well. The new puppies are darling!! They look so robust and healthy. You must be so proud. Your dogs have brought so much fun to all the families and now there are more lucky familes waiting. They’re in for fun.

    We hope you have a beautiful Thanksgiving surrounded by the people and the puppies you love.

  3. Sarah Says:

    Vinnie is great! They say winter will arrive in Minnesota a month early this year. We are expecting a measurable snow fall early next week. I think Vinnie found a nice spot to wait it out. He’s my curly, snuggly boy. We are having lots of fun with him. He truly is my sweet Vinnie!

  4. Sarah Says:

    Just got back from the groomer so I snapped a picture before Vinnie heade4d for his pool! He’s as soft as velvet and I think he likes how he looks!

  5. Sarah Says:

    Just a note to say hello from Vinnie and the Piazzas. We are having a fun summer with our little guy who is growing like a weed!! Im sending a few pictures form our vacation. He got his first taste of beach life! He chased ducks, ran up and down the dock and did his first water retrieves! I’ve included a couple of pictures.

    We are starting our puppy classes next week and he had his first hair cut yesterday. The kennel we took him to for grooming specializes in Golden Retrievers. They loved Vinnie!! They thought he was really smart and cute and doing well with his early training. They had him all morning and they slowly introduced him to grooming by stopping to play every now and then. I felt great about leaving him there and he looked great when they were finished. They trimmed around his face, ears, bottom, feet and tummy but they left quite a bit of length on his coat. He was a little fluff ball ( darling in fact!!! ) Actually, BIG fluff ball!! At his 15 week check he was 27 lbs which I bet is about what his siblings are.

    He is a very sweet boy and we’re thrilled to have him.

  6. Sarah Says:

    Playing with Vinnie this morning and got a cute picture. He’s starting his puppy classes tonight with Pete. Actually, he has a head start because he can sit, stay, lay down and he ‘s working on ” shake”.

  7. Sarah Says:

    He is darling and growing so fast it’s crazy!! He has settled in to life at our house. He’s been for a boat ride with us on White Bear Lake which he loved. He licked the spray in his face and looked for more! He loves his kiddie pool and his frisbee. Our whole family will be vacationing in northern Wisconsin on Lake Namakogen in mid July and Vinnie gets to come along. He’ll have lots of lake time then.

    Did I tell you he has a sleep number? It’s 45. He loves to stretch out on the “big bed” with us. He will use his crate most of the night but after he goes out first thing in the morning he’s allowed to fall back to sleep with us. He’s really snuggley at that hour. I’ve read some of the messages from the other owners and they mention their puppy likes to stretch out—that’s Vinnie. We’re glad we have a king size bed!

    Sarah, we are thrilled with him! He has changed the energy in our home as we hoped he would. Pete and I just love him! It feels like we have a house full of kids again!

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