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3 Responses to “Donner-Leland”

  1. Jerry Boyer Says:

    It’s hard to believe it, but we’ve had Leland for just over five years. He has been a great dog. Now that the weather has finally started to warm up we are getting all of the yard work caught back up. Once that is done we will give you a call and bring the boy over so you can see how he turned out.

  2. LJ Boyer Says:

    well! Here we are, at almost 8 months old and we are in “doodle-mania”!

    We went to visit Sarah and the new pups just a couple weeks ago. We wanted to let her see how one of her babies were doing! Leland has become salt and pepper…his coat is soft and thick, NO SHEDDING! He loves his baths too, jumps right in the tub.
    Of course we had to see the new pups Sarah is tending, what a lovable number ! They reminded me of little lambs in their pens, peering at you and just wanting to be part of a family! (Its a darn good thing we have a small home!)
    We took many pics of Leland and Jerry (this is really his dog!) and some of him and his mom Freja…Sarah and I commented that she acted like she knew this was her baby…she kept nudging his head lovingly….
    Leland weighs in currently at 57 lbs and in no way is this lovable dog a problem in our small home.
    He loves going on rides now, does the “I’m a lucky dog look” hanging out the window and trying to sniff every scent that possibly could come his way!

    We let him play in the sprinkler which is funny all on its own, he loves water..and either paws at the water, or just sits and allows the water to hit his face!

    We have a large pond and just recently he has taken interest in it…the large koi have spooked him when they come to the surface for food and suckle the water and the sound that they make..he barks or whines mostly!

    Our visit with Sarah was heartwarming. The care and concern that she invests in her dogs/puppies are just what one would care to see in a breeder situation.

    If anyone reading these postings are in the “puppy mode” and are looking for an excellent breed, excellent breeder, I gotta tell ya…this is the place!

    I have said it previously in other earlier postings, but it needs to be said. Sarah will match up the dog for you…she takes everything into consideration when you are looking for a future ‘love’! Leland’s personality and temperment is what we were looking for, and with a small home, is exactly what she said he would be.

    Anywho, the pics we took are in Jerrys camera and we need to get those out, so all of you can see for yourself how handsome our boy is!

    Can’t wait for the new line of Doodle goodies! ( I might be one of those people with doodle overload….but can one EVER have enough of doodle love?!!

    Another Doodle Peep*
    Laurie and Jerry

  3. Sarah Says:

    Leland is doing soo well. He is ringing my jingle bells tied to doorknob to go out, is praticing commands as sit, come, heel with and without leash. He is in his third week of puppy training which we enjoy every week. He has his crate which he feels good about, he went in there just the other day when i was doing laundry in basement!
    He and the cats are doing well…it took about a week before they all would dare to come out, now its old hat!
    He has rec’d his shots when we first got him, and next weekend he is up for another round. The vet loved him! she said it was her fav as far as “hybrid breeds” go, best of both dogs in this lovable pet!

    His coat is getting long, the lighter hair is coming in around his muzzle and the white patch on his tail is getting more noticable.

    We love him and it was just the perfect boy for us….will keep you posted as we progress and pics when he changes….

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