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2 Responses to “Blitzen-Cooper”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Hey guy’s I got a new Name and it’s Cooper! I’m loving it here with my big sis Gabby and the little barking cat that they call Scruffy, (Gabby tells me it’s a dog but I don’t believe it seeing as it sleeps pretty much all day). Anyway hang with Gabby is great! She even lets me snuggle with her. The masters are all very nice but most of them are gone so long!! There’s this thing called school that they like to go to. But when they come home it’s so much fun. But they aren’t to fond of me takin’ their shoes it seems… But they just smell to good to resist!

  2. Sarah Says:

    Cooper’s going great. His coat is turning this really beautiful strawberry blond color with beautiful cream highlights. The pictures are a little old seeing as my camera is on the fritz again. But Gabby and Copper love snuggling together. We’ll send some pictures from someone else’s camera soon. Cooper’s also a heavy boy, he and Gabby weigh almost the same. They both are doing quite well and we’re hoping to do a little agility training with Cooper this summer seeing as Gabby absolutly LOVES it.

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