2 Responses to “Wren-Shadow”

  1. shillis06 Says:

    Shadow is doing so well. She is so loved and adored by everyone. She is the local favorite and the ice cream shops (we spoil her and get her a doggy sundae at least once a week). She loves to play with other puppies, we take her to doggy daycare and she plays with all the other dogs and comes home just pooped. She also, loves the water. We put in a swimming pool just for Shadow in the back yard and she just loves it. We needed something to keep her feet out of her water bowl . This spring we started putting a bowl of water at the back door so when she went digging or had dirty feet we would dip her feet and then towel them off, which was great but then she started dipping her feet in her water bowl which we didn’t think of the connection in her mind at the time, but she is a quick learner we just had to teach her what bowl to dip her feet into.

    She loves the attention she gets in Grand Haven, she sits so good for her hair bows and our son will dress her up in his clothes etc. and she is so cute. We take her everywhere we can and she rides so nice for us. Last weekend we went camping in Northern Michigan with some friends and we have her trained now to go without a leash, we walk her daily and she does pretty good staying and not running ahead or to kids or other dogs while off the leash.

  2. Sarah Says:

    Shadow has adjusted so well and we have been completely blessed by her. She has had such an easy transition from the ride home in the blizzard (not even a whimper) to her new surroundings. We as a whole family just love her to death. Thank you so much for allowing us to adopt her. She hasn’t had an accident, she sleeps with us at night without any incident. We definitely picked the right name for her though, she shadowed our son Aaron all day Saturday and most of Sunday. We cannot express enough how happy she has made us and the joy that has come into our life, truly a blessing.

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