Eeyore – Huck

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  1. Deborah Hopkinson Says:

    We are all so in love with this now big boy! He has been a dream from day one and loves each one of us with all his big heart! Huck is both a city boy and a country boy and loves the lake, running on the beach, sailing and surfing with the kids and wandering through the woods! When we come back to the city he’s a little disappointed that his home turf gets so much smaller but loves to take long walks, have daily play dates with all his many dog-friends and play and wrestle in the yard with his dog and human brothers and sisters! His personality is just so amazingly sweet – he lets us comb and brush him and clean his funny, furry ears without resistance. He loves to do tricks for us and is so good on walks – not pulling or barking or otherwise being a pain. He really loves to run and his gait is so beautiful – he looks like a horse with his long legs galloping around the yard and down the beach! He also really loves and needs to chew – and after a few missteps on our part (not giving him enough of the “good” things to chew on) he now knows exactly what are his toys and really adores antlers!! This breed is known for it’s easy-going and friendly personality, but we are so grateful to Sarah for her matchmaking skills – this incredible boy is the perfect combination of playfulness, eagerness to please and “chill” as my kids say! Thank you Sarah!!

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