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2 Responses to “Hummer-Gus”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Gus weighs about 60 pounds and is tall and lanky. He is always
    watching tv and it is crazy. I do see Brody and he looks just like
    Gus did at that age. Gus is such a lover….he has a different
    personality to each kid of mine. We adore him and boy does he love
    his tennis balls. I ended up shaving him just recently bc he is
    always swimming and he was so hot living in Va. The humidity kills
    him being black and all. He has been a great asset to are family.
    I have had more people ask if they could have him and of course you no
    the answer but I do tell them where they can get one. The doodles I
    have seen here are nothing to compare.

  2. Sarah Says:

    Well, what can I say….Gus is awesome and the best companion. He does tend to get in every trash can around and shred even the smallest piece of tissue to bits but he loves to walk and he has been to school and he know lots of cool obedient tricks. He is always trying to steal my kids blankets but they don”t like to share…he has his own but it’s just not the same as someone elses.

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