Tigger – Izzy

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2 Responses to “Tigger – Izzy”

  1. Izzy Says:

    Izzy just gets better and better each day. He’s such a love. Still shy with strangers, but we’re working on it. He has no shortage of energy, and loves long walks, exploring the woods, charging up and the down the beach, retrieving balls, and roughhousing with our son’s dogs. We introduced him to Lake Michigan, and with encouragement, he’ll be a swimmer too. For his first step, Izzy played in the waves along the shore. Best of all, he is a love and adores cuddling.

    We haven’t weighed him for a couple weeks, but he was almost 30 lbs then. Izzy is going to be a big boy, although he may be a big boy with a sweet little head. It’s only noticeable when he’s bathed and his wonderfully soft shaggy hair is all wet. Do puppy heads grow into balanced proportion with the rest of their bodies?

    Izzy packs a lot of brain power into his adorable head. He’s learning his lessons very well and catches on to new commands quickly. He knows ‘sit’ and voice and hand signals for ‘down’ and ‘stay’. He walks nicely on a leash…most of the time, and rarely has a accident in the house. That’s only when we haven’t noticed him waiting at the back door to go out.

    Obviously, we’re totally crazy about Izzy. I think he’s a happy little guy too.

  2. Izzy Says:

    Our little guy isn’t so little. He weighed in at 28 pounds a week ago! No fat on him, just growing up. He is adorable. House training pretty much complete. Of course he still needs lots of other training, but we’re working on it. I’ll send lots more photos when I get them off my camera.
    I hope and your family are well and enjoying a break from the pups.

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