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One Response to “Cooper”

  1. Ed & April Niemiec Says:

    Cooper has been an absolute joy from the moment he came home. He is the smartest and most beautiful dog ever! Cooper is very playful and loves meeting new people. His energy, curiosity and companionship has been a welcome addition to our lives. As other owners have reported, house breaking pretty much took care of itself…. Just a few pee accidents the first night, due to our mutual excitement. He quickly learned in the first few days to go to the door to go outside to “hurry up”. After almost five weeks, not one poo accident (knock on wood). 😉

    We crate trained and worked on basic commands from day one and he already knows how to sit, come, stay, down and he is learning to roll over. Treats are still required for rolling over, but everyone that meets him is astonished that a 13 week old puppy is so well trained and smart. Cooper has loved to ride in our truck from day one and can’t understand why he doesn’t fit in the center console anymore, but he is intent on trying when we take him for a ride a few times a week.

    Also, we have been taking a few pics of Cooper every few days to document our little guy before he becomes a big boy, so be prepared for a few updates with pictures per year and beyond.

    After researching breeders and speaking with Sarah for almost 2 years we cannot say enough about the quality of care, love and thought that Sarah puts in every one of the puppies she raises. We have watched 3-4 litters on the puppy cam before we adopted Cooper and we are so happy with him and our decision to work with Sarah. Sarah’s advice and friendship before, during and after has been an absolute positive experience and we would rank her in the top few percent of all breeders. When your puppy comes home, it is very well prepared for its new life with your family and with love, attention and consistency you will quickly wonder how you are so lucky to have such a great doodle.
    Please feel free to use us as a reference at anytime. Sarah – Thank you, so very much for our Cooper!
    Ed & April Niemiec
    Parker, CO.

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