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3 Responses to “Julia-Whiskey”

  1. Whiskey Says:

    Could not imagine loving anything more than we love our Whiskey-doodle <3 HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY WHISKEY!! <3

  2. Chelsea Says:


  3. McFarland Family Says:

    When we registered Whiskey with Los Angeles County, one of the questions was about distinguishing marks or features. Our response: She is pretty much an all white fluff-ball; but it’s clear just taking one look at her that she’s the best dog in the universe.

    Without hyperbole, we feel like we lucked out and got the most amazing dog ever. Whiskey has the friendly nature of any dog we’ve ever been around. She’s also easily the smartest dog we’ve ever known. She was potty trained in less than a week, with a grand total of two accidents. By three months old, she could sit, lay down, shake, roll-over, stay, pee on command and come every time you called her. She has only gotten better since, and is learning new behaviors and tricks by the day.

    She has absolutely embedded herself in every fiber of our hearts. We are madly, madly in love with our Whiskey-dog and are hugely grateful to Bear Lake Goldendoodles for giving us the best dog ever!

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