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2 Responses to “Missy-Misty”

  1. Beth Roberts Says:

    Misty is doing very well. She has had her 2nd shot since we got her and we are all eagerly waiting for 2/2/10 when we can get her last shot and she can go out around the neighborhood. Misty is very active.
    She has already put on 10 pounds (in a month!) and is at 23 pounds already. We adore her and look forward to the spring and lots of time outdoors.

  2. Misty Says:

    We are so in love with that little puppy. She did ok sleeping in our room in a travel crate. She did great. Her and the cat are getting acquainted and the girls love her and she loves everyone. We adore this little baby. She is making herself right at home. She had me before I met her. I loved her before I saw her.

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