What Your Doodle LOVES to Do

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2 Responses to “What Your Doodle LOVES to Do”

  1. Karen and David Says:

    Harper is so full of it!! She likes everything and everybody. Harper is smart and knows when she is in trouble for things, such as stealing towels off the counter. She runs to the couch, sits up straight and smacks us with her paws. Harper is a delight!

  2. The Wilks Family Says:

    Our Doodles are the smartest dogs. They love one another so much. Every morning Delilah (our one year old) has to run to Samson (our 4 month old) crate to get her bother so they can go outside together. Neither of them likes going outside without the other. Samson was scared to go off our deck for a while so his sister Delilah would bring him sticks to play with. It is the cutest thing ever. They do everything together. Fetch is their favorite thing to do and Delilah even will through the ball for Samson. We are the lucky ones to have them in our Family 😉

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