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2 Responses to “Barney-Billy”

  1. Lisa Iaffaldano Says:

    Hi Everyone, well, we’ve had Billy for a Year now and I couldn’t imagine our lives without him. He is a sweet, sweet boy and keeps a close eye on our home :). He spends most of his time outdoors chasing any animal or bird out of our yard, it’s so funny when I pull into the driveway and he does a complete lap around the property before he greets me. His favorite spot in the house is… my bed of course! He has boundless energy and can keep up with the kids, yet he loves to just hang around while I’m getting my things done… such a well balanced boy. My sister has 2 doodle girls and we have regular playdates and they love each other dearly. Thank you Sarah for such a wonderful addition to our lives.
    Merry Christmas to everyone!

  2. Billy Says:

    Hi Everyone!
    Well, Billy is just a joy. It is amazing how he came into this family and I can’t imagine our lives without him in such a short period of time. He is so bright and has a special relationship with each person in our family. We adopted Billy right after I met Lucy (my sister adopted her). She was just so sweet and loving that I knew I found the right breed and breeder for our new family member also. Lucy and Billy were only separated for one week and remembered eachother immediately. It is so precious to see them romping around and tugging at eachother until they are so tired they lay on top or beside eachother while resting. My sister and our families spend alot (really…alot!) of time together and I’m so happy that Billy and Lucy have eachother to play with esp. with the kids!
    Love to all the golden doodle families!

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