3 Responses to “Amy-Cena”

  1. Cena Says:

    We have her going to a dog trainer who, I must admit, is a horrific snob. He would love to pick her
    apart because we shut him out of the selection process. Today, he was working with her and he kept repeating over and over….she is not a good dog, she is a PERFECT dog. He admits that if he could find something negative in her temperament, he would love to rub it in. BUT he says, she is not good…she is perfect. We adore her.

  2. Cena Says:

    We adore her. She is an amazing puppy. She already knows sit, come and make. We are working on
    kisses (too much teeth!)

  3. Cena Says:

    Oh the weather outside is frightful, the puppies, just delightful. There is
    really no place to go….let it snow, let it snow, let if snow.
    Cena loves the snow and is warming up to Snood Simon the Wonderdog. The jury
    is still out for him but I think she just might be winning him over!

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