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2 Responses to “Doyce-Diego”

  1. jkklop09 Says:

    We had a co-worker over for dinner the other evening, with his wife and 4 children (ages 2-8). We were so proud of Diego and his interaction with the children, especially the 2 year old. It gave us comfort that he is going to do great when we have children of our own.

  2. Krissondra & Jeff Says:

    We love Diego!! He has been the perfect first dog for our family. He has so much character. He loves snuggling, which I enjoy and has shown promise with retrieving so far with Jeff. He melts everyone’s hearts when they meet him. My parents are not “dog people” and Diego & I visited them for 4 weeks. By the end of the month, my mom said “maybe I’ll get myself one of Diego’s cousins”!!

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