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2 Responses to “Pinky-Maggs”

  1. Gavin Jurewicz Says:

    You cannot name a better dog than maggs. PERIOD!!! She is so playfull and goofy. BEST PUPPY EVER!!!

  2. Sarah Says:

    Maggs (named after Detroit Tiger, Magglio Ordonez – long, curly black hair) is doing great! She has been an awesome addition to our family. My boys, Garrett, 15, and Gavin, 13, think I picked the BEST dog. They enjoy playing catch with her and love to have her sleep with them at night. Yes, for the most part, Maggs is only in her crate when we leave the house. I’m sure most trainers would say that’s a no no, but this works for our family 🙂

    Maggs is such a sweet and loveable dog. We can’t imagine our family without her. Similar to your experience with Henry, I get stopped everywhere by people asking me about Maggs. They stop me at the boys’ baseball and lacrosse games, while I’m taking her for a walk, and people pull their vehicle over in our neighborhood to inquire when I am outside with her (we live on a corner house). I’ve even referred several people to your website.

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