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7 Responses to “Willy-Phin”

  1. Elaine/Maura Says:

    I’m here to tell you that at two years and counting Phin is still perfect!!! He’s such a good boy. He has a very sweet temperament and loves everyone. He does think that If he licked you you’ll instantly pet him and play. He is so good at the dog park with all of his friends and even those who are not. I wish we could have another just like him.

    He is currently trying to get over a bad haircut. Hopefully it will not permanently damage his ego!

  2. Maura Says:

    I’m SO happy that we got Phin! He’s a real sweetheart!

  3. Maura Says:

    We just got our first dog back. He was the reason we got Phin! So we have two over-sized golden doodles. Phin and Ollie… oh boy

  4. Maura(owner) Says:

    Although I have’nt seen my little Phin in a few days, I still think that he’s growing and getting better at learning new things, and meeting new people!


  5. Elaine & Maura Donnelly Says:

    Hi everyone! Phin has been with us since the Friday after Thanksgiving. He is proving to be a greater joy and delight than any of us could have expected. He’s doing well with his potty training. We are also working on , sit, down, stay, come and paws off! He loves to get up and see whatever is going on. He loves to be rolled onto his back and play but we know that whenever we do that we need to have a chew toy close at hand because his mouth instantly opens.

    We are working on walking on a leash. I won’t even put him on a retractable because I want him to have good manners and walk beside whomever is walking him.

    Phin adores Maura and follows her everywhere. She is doing so well with Phin’s training as well.

    I cannot imagine a more perfect dog for us!

  6. Phineas Monk Donnelly Says:

    Phineas is doing awesome + he’s bigger now then he was when we got him. He loves Freja’s toy, and never stops chewing! He hates his kennel. He also enjoys following our other dog Sophie’s (she’s a Coton De Tulear) tail. He even trips on his leash or on regular hardwood floors while running!

    Maura, and Phin boy

  7. Sarah Says:

    Our little Phin is has been home with us for a week today, 12/3/09. We love him so much. He is a lovey boy and also very smart! We have lots of pictures to upload as soon as we can figure out how to do that.
    Maura, Elaine and Mike and Phin

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